Cold Room prices – Hire

Cold room hire rates could differ from R600 per day to R1500 per weekend.This amount could be including or excluding is mostly free when the client and supplier are in a close proximity.

For cold food transit price could be anywhere from R600 to R5000 depending on size of coldroom,duration and transportation cost.

The hire rate also depends on who is renting – individual hiring the coldroom for a wedding party or corporate company hiring for corporate function,for how many days.

Cleanliness – How clean is the fridge?

Is the mobile cold room well maintained,cleaned before and after every event.The client should also be aware of such facts before hiring.

How fast cooling is the trailer fridge?

The age of the cold room also determines the price so the lowest price might not always be best price when hiring.U might hire for a bottom price only to realize on your event day that you have to wait for ever for your drinks and food to cool down.

Always ask how old and clean the coldroom is and how long it takes to freeze or chill.

for more in you can drop Semela Coldrooms a mail.



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