Mobile fridge industry


Hi everyone,thank you for visiting this blog by Semela fridges.We sell mobile fridges and hire out mobile fridges as well.We have been in business since 2008.
So far we have sold and hired out to over 200 clients so we are fairly a fast growing business surpassing our expectations and targets set when we opened doors.

We are currently conducting a research and looking into the cold food transport industry.
We are frequent approached by clients looking to rent our mobile coldrooms for transporting food.
We would also like to involve our clients to whom we have sold mobile fridges in the cold food transport industry,we believe this will be of great benefit to them financially.
We have set this blog to engage with you or readers to assist with knowledge and insight.
Besides hiring out to events,how can mobile coldroom businesses be involved in other industries such as cold food transportation.
What challenges can they expect in suggested industries and how can the overcome problems faced in mentioned industries.

If you are involved in the industry,as a manufacturer,retailer or hiring.
Please let is in on a few tips.



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