Opportunities in Mobile fridge industry


Hi everyone,thank you for visiting this blog by Semela fridges.We sell mobile fridges and hire out mobile fridges as well.We have been in business since 2008.
So far we have sold and hired out to over 200 clients so we are fairly a fast growing business surpassing our expectations and targets set when we opened doors.

We are currently conducting a research and looking into the cold food transport industry.
We are frequent approached by clients looking to rent our mobile coldrooms for transporting food.
We would also like to involve our clients to whom we have sold mobile fridges in the cold food transport industry,we believe this will be of great benefit to them financially.
We have set this blog to engage with you or readers to assist with knowledge and insight.
Besides hiring out to events,how can mobile coldroom businesses be involved in other industries such as cold food transportation.
What challenges can they expect in suggested industries and how can the overcome problems faced in mentioned industries.



7 thoughts on “Opportunities in Mobile fridge industry

  1. We recently reloaded gas on 1 of our big double axle coldrooms.we had to hire a tech to come in and reload.because of the distance he drove to get to us the travel costs were quite high.how it would be nice if we had a technician in every South African city.

  2. Interesting enough 70% of the clients who hired our mobile trailer cold room asked us where and how to get their own mobile trailer cold room.
    As a mobile trailer cold room costs anywhere from R30 000 some drop the idea of buying their own mobile trailer cold room rite there and then due to cost.

    Owning a trailer refrigerator or mobile cold room seems like an easy business to run for all who come across it at events.
    Well yes it is considering the low overheads and absolutely no technicalities in operating it,you just deliver the trailer refrigerator to client and the client will take the responsibility of security and operation which is just plugging the trailer refrigerator to a wall socket really.

  3. When planning a wedding – A mobile trailer Fridge hire is a must.
    Most venues do have fridges but one can never be too sure about the capacity they can hold .
    Having a mobile cold room hire as back-up is highly advised.

    For more information on wedding specials give Semela Cold Rooms hire a call or drop us and email.

    Wherever you are in the country, we will bring the nearest mobile trailer cold room service to you.(we have partnered with reputable mobile Cold room suppliers all across South Africa to ensure quality centralized mobile trailer cold room hire services.

    Call : (061) 3968476

    At Semela we promise quality, extremely clean fresh smelling and fast cooling Mobile trailer fridges.

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